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On the day I bought my first camera, the earth trembled, the seas parted, and the skies glowed like fire. True story.

As you might imagine then, this was kind of a significant event.

Let me explain: I'm a car-guy. I mean a complete, life-long gearhead. For me, there are alarmingly-few things in life that can match the rush of being on a race track. I live, breathe, and eat (alright, maybe not eat) motorsports, and anyone who knows me well enough will pretty much tell you that I'm freaksihly-passionate about it. Bring it up in conversation, and I light up like a Christmas tree.

That said...I now light up just as much when I talk about my passion for photography. It has grown to rival my more speed-hungry pursuits, which is truly saying a lot for someone like myself. A camera gives anyone the ability to capture some of the most amazing people, places, and moments in the universe through its lens....but the magic lays in how you use the medium to express your interpretation of that infinitesimal slice of reality.

Yes, D just got all kinds of philosophical on you.

The pursuit of achieving that ideal interpretation--that ideal vision--can be absolutely thrilling at times. Elements of visual, digital, and (sometimes) chemical artistry combine to create truly breathtaking images. Taking a great photograph gives me much of the same rush I get from being on track, and I'm always looking for the next great opportunity to stretch my creativity in pursuit of acheiving that ideal vision. I suppose being a complete gadget geek doesn't hurt, either.

And if those people, places, and moments look all the better for it, consider me a happy guy.


Call me Ishmael. Or D. Whichever.